lördag 31 juli 2010

Natural-selection map: ns_fomalhaut

Marine start is Matter Transporter.
Hives are Observation deck, Fusion Reactor and Maintenance.

And here's the overview of same. Unfortunately rotated 90-degrees clockwise.

This is the observation deck hive seen from the southern, lower entrance.

Observation deck hive seen from the Northern end of the room.

Observation deck res-node seen from the northern end.

Observation deck res-node.

Alcove with hive in Maintenance. Slope is low enough to walk on.

View of maintenance hive from the elevated area where aliens
can evolve and lerks can use as a platform to spore-spam from.

More maintenance.

Maintenance RT.

North-eastern entrance to Maintenance. RT on the right, behind
the cable/pipe bundles.

Fusion Reactor hive. Hive alcove on the right, southern entrance where the white spotlight is.

Fusion reactor RT. Opposite side of the central column to the hive.
Fusion reactor view from northern entrance.
Hive is in the alcove on the right, RT is down the slope on the left.

Matter transporter. CC is pressed right up against the window, to thwart sneaky skulks.
Two plain entrances. Cyan-lit alcove on the right is the RT.

View from Matter Transporter pad; it doesn't actually do anything.

Corridor outside Matter Transporter.

Generator Hall RT. It's loud.

Cooling RT.

View from lower, south end of Cooling.

View from upper, south end of cooling, RT to the north.

View of Cooling RT from weldable vent.

The long, U-shaped corridor at Farpoint. Multiple U-shaped vents to the right.
They allow skulks to go from one side of the corridor to the next without being in the open.

Aux Comm, a tiny little pair of rooms to break up the otherwise
exceedingly long corridor.

Pool test reactor.

View into the reactor. You can swim freely at the surface,
but you take increasing amounts of damage if you swim down..

Reprocessing. RT and short VIS-blocking corridor at the far end.
Elevator in foreground.

Crude-looking remote manipulator arms are func_illusionary.
If there were enough W-polies the hot-cells would contain something.

At the bottom of the elevator in reprocessing.

Central Access. No RTs, but fairly close to everywhere.
The elevated walk way runs east-west, with a VIS-blocker at each end.
There is one entrance to the north, one to the south and a vent.
The big support structures are func_seethroughs.
The glowy thing in the center is slightly annoying for the comm,
but I think I can get away with it.

Central Access, view from the walk-way.

You can go under the elevated walkway, but then the comm won't see you.
The slope is 45 degrees, so you can just walk up it.

A small unnamed room with vents going to up to the south entrance of Fusion Reactor.

The long corridor is compensated for by a sunken area and vents to aid aliens.

Landing pad. One of the emergency escape pods appears to have brought unwelcome visitors.
There is only one full size corridor into the room. The other entrance is a vent system stretching
between Maintenance, Landing pad and Aux Gen.

Don't touch the forcefield above landing pad unless you want to get zapped.

North-eastern entrance to Maintenance hive. As a skulk it is probably better to try and
nab marines here before they get into Maintenance.

Staircase up to pool-test reactor.

Diagonal ramp up to Cooling. To the right, entrance to Observation deck.
To the left, Northern Overlook corridor.

Aux Gen RT.

To the left, Generator Hall. Straight forward, Central Access VIS-blocker.
There is a space beneath the walk-way, where creepy-crawlies can hide.

Stair-case down to Power-junction.

Power-Junction RT. The gap is not wide enough to fall down.

Aux gen, view from elevated walk-way.

Weird corridor between Fusion Reactor and Southern Overlook.